Pay Per Click

Pay-per-click campaign we run for you give perfect ROI

Pay-per-click (PPC) one of the fastest way to get good ROI immediately. Search Engine Optimization is long term investment. Do you know? 83% people using PPC are happy with their ROI in 2014 against the number was 63% last year. 73% planned an increase in the budget than last year to expand the business. We are experts in running and managing paid advertising campaigns that extract best ROI for your business. Our area of expertise includes search network advertising, display network advertising, bing advertising and other advertising networks.

Website Screen

Extensive keyword research

understand the business, find business opportunities and prepare the list keywords which can bring most relevant traffic.

Analyse the collected data and optimize the campaign to yield best ROI.

I mean to return to step 1! The process continues forever, add or remove keywords, test various ad formats, adjust bids and goes on!

Assign proper bid to keywords

all keywords are not same for you. Some products have the higher price and higher profit margin. So we understand your business thoroughly and then decide the priority to set the bid

Create compelling ads

just 130 characters, even less than a twit, is there to impress your customer to click on your ad.

20 +

years of professional



online award winning

Project Implement



Response Time

30 +

Coffee Cups

Per Day

Run Google shopping campaign

We also manage Google shopping campaigns and manage the merchant account as well. Now Google shopping campaigns and much more powerful then Product Listing Ad (PLA) was. Google Shopping Campaigns achieve maximum ROI for the eCommerce website.

Local advertising

Google allow paid advertising campaign to put your local business on top through Google My Business account. We have the expertise to manage such campaigns for local businesses. The success of PPC campaign also depends on landing pages. We have the great creative team of graphic and web designers who creates a gem of landing pages. So you will get a complete package here at 3i.

Pay Per Click

Search Engine


Experts at digital marketing, SEO, lead and traffic generation through in-depth analysis of algorithms to get you high ranking on world’s top most search engines.

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Pay Per


Experts that choose budgeted approach for Pay Per Click and get you the highest returns on investment. Click worthy ad design that gets you business is our passion!

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We create absolute marketing strategy to design best of Facebook ads that grab highest clicks, engage audience and boost sales to create a brand out of your business!

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Conversion Rate


We claim expertise at designing web pages that converts passive visitors into active leads which get transformed into long term customers for huge sales & high ROI.

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Social Media


Rational marketing strategies & ad campaigns designed to boost social interaction to grab more business. Switch to us for Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube & Twitter!

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We plan and evaluate estimation of concept, feasibility, design, and deadline with absolute precision.



A modular approach for creating eye-catching designs, frames, templates and navigational functions.



Final design is tested on various levels for a fool proof, functional website before launching and installation.